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Who We Are


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    Pierre Mauries

    Founder, General Partner & Chief Investment Officer

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    Katherine Verrier-Frechette

    Managing Partner & Global Head of DeepTech Solutions


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    Dr. Tomomi Tanaka

    Chief Economist Advisor

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    Mr. Christian Cosquer

    Chief Security Advisor

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    Mrs. Jody Ono

    Chief Leadership Advisor

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    Mr. Joseph Girard

    Chief Marketing Officer

Strategic Venture Advisors

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    Dr. Yukiko Asaeda

    Health Tech & Biopharma

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    Mr. Vianney Mathonnet

    AI & Blockchain Infrastructure

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    Mr. Bryant Cruse

    Space & Defense

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    Mr. Laurent Depus

    Cross-Border Capital Markets

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    Dr. Meera Sarma

    International Cybersecurity

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    Mr. Hiroki Habuka

    Global Digital Governance


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    New York

PR : lucy@four-pr.com, alex@four-pr.com
Others : reachout@nemesistech.vc

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We are on stealth mode, building the democratization of a boundaryless world of Venture Capital Deeptech opportunities, for our investors, portfolio companies, and community.

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